Maison Besserat de Bellefon Founded by the riverside in Aÿ in 1843, Maison Besserat de Bellefon is now located in Epernay. For almost two centuries, it has regularly been on the tables of the finest restaurants and best addresses in Paris, perpetuating a tradition of great quality by making wines reserved to the exclusive univers of gastronomy, hotels, wine merchants and delicatessens. 70 countries on five continents: Besserat de Bellefon is very much an ambassador for the French art of living in all its refinement and creativity, with values based on tradition, conviviality and simplicity.

Today Champagne BESSERAT DE BELLEFON is selling more or less 700 000 bottles from which 30% are sold abroad. In 1930, because and due to its clients’ request and as BB was striving for excellence, Victor Besserat set the challenge of creating a champagne light to be drunk throughout a meal. He created the famous “Cuvée des Moines” using a special and unique process within the appellation. A demanding and very light champagne with bubbles 30% smaller than those of a traditional one. When poured into a flute it looks almost like cream. An extremely light wine from Champagne with a silky and creamy mousse: The Besserat de Bellefon Sensation! Until now, Besserat de Bellefon champagnes are released in the same iconic and distinctive bottle. The art of vinification according to our Cellar Master is: not to undergo malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural origin of the grape variety so their freshness and fruity elegance; a lively attack and a better expression of the aromas.

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